Introduction to Program

B.S.W. students are required to complete a two-semester internship in an assigned social work agency. Since 1972, UNCG and NCA&TSU have collaborated through the Joint B.S.W. Field Instruction Program which is jointly administered by the Directors of Field Instruction on both campuses. Students from both UNCG and NCA&TSU attend field seminars taught by field faculty from both campuses and may be placed in internship settings together.

The number of students placed for field instruction is determined by the availability of these resources. At times there may not be an approved site for student placement and there may be a delay in meeting that part of the graduation requirements.

Students enrolled in field instruction courses are individually responsible for their own transportation to and from community agencies. All students must have liability insurance. Insurance information is available in the departmental office. Students are responsible for reading and abiding by the policies and procedures outlined located in the Field Program Manual (PDF).


Requirements for Admission to Field Instruction:

  • Prior admission to the Social Work Major
  • Completion of 84 or more semester hours
  • Overall grade point average of 2.50 or higher
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of “C” or higher: SWK 215, SWK 310, SWK 311, SWK 315, SWK 325, and SWK 351
  • Satisfactory completion of all early field experience requirements in SWK 215 and SWK 310
  • Completion of the following courses or their equivalent: BIO 105, BIO 111, or ATY 153; Major Concepts of Biology; HDF 112; PSC 200; PSY 121; SOC 101; STA 108 or SWK 250
  • An application process and approval of the Director of Field Instruction.