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  • Life Saver: GCSTOP

    Life Saver: GCSTOP

    Chase Holleman had been pursuing the man for weeks with phone calls and texts. “We’re just here to talk and help however we can,” he said. “Dave” (a pseudonym) needed help. Just a few weeks earlier, in the spring of 2018, he had overdosed on opioids. Paramedics had saved Dave’s … Continued

  • Next of Kin

    Next of Kin

    When Dr. Tyreasa Washington was a practicing social worker, she dealt with many children who didn’t live with their parents. Sometimes they had been placed by the state into traditional foster care. Sometimes they were living with a relative or perhaps a godparent who had a family connection, an arrangement … Continued

  • Dr. Bob Wineburg Featured in UNCG Magazine

    Dr. Bob Wineburg Featured in UNCG Magazine

    Bob Wineburg’s “yarn lecture” is one his students never forget. It’s a visual representation of systems theory as it relates to social work. To demonstrate the concept, the Jefferson Pilot Excellence Professor of Social Work walks his students through the final days of his mom’s life, and the different systems that were at play –…