Social Work Alum Ensures Mental Health of NFL

Posted on October 10, 2022

Lindsey Sanders and Shaun Tyrance, NFL health specialists

Maintaining peak mental health can be challenging. When you have millions of people watching, it can be exhausting.

Lindsey Sanders ’12 M.S.W., ’21 Ph.D. and Shaun Tyrance ’03 M.S. are among the health specialists making sure NFL players are taken care of in their entirety, including their mental health.

Sanders, a behavioral specialist, oversees behavioral services administered by Cigna on behalf of the NFL. Tyrance is vice president of player services and assessment for the Kansas City Chiefs, where he works to support players’ and coaches’ behavioral health and psychology. He joined the team in 2019 as the second full-time clinician in the NFL, before it was mandated by the league.

Tyrance earned his master’s degree from UNCG in sports and exercise psychology. He was recruited by the Chiefs to be their clinician after working in private practice with college athletes in Charlotte for nearly a decade.